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Images and Words

Pictures of my brother as well as some of the trip to and from. The first few are pretty low quality, but I don’t have the savvy energy  to figure out how to change that.

Me and my brother, circa 1980ish

That look was always on his face. The look that said “My sister is a freak. I can’t possibly be related to her.

My brother(middle) and childhood friends. They were like family.

These three kids and my brother were like family. It blew my mind to see them all grown up.

Jer, posing with me just before my Jr. Prom

He made fun of my poofy hair, but later confessed that I looked pretty. I felt like a princess in that dress. How embarrassing!

New Year's Eve. 1994?

I’m not positive on the year, but I think it’s about right. I always thought this picture showed his personality really well.

In the Philippines

This is the most recent image I have of my kid brother. Not a kid anymore.

Giant cross just outside Amarillo, TX

This is what most of the 12 hour trip looked like

The door to nowhere, Arkansas

Natural Dam, AR

A few hours before the viewing, I was feeling restless and cooped up, so Hubby took us for a drive to distract me. We almost got into a crash. That would have kinda rocked–to die two  hours before my brother’s funeral.

Somewhere in the Ozarks...

Not too far beyond this, we came across the house from Sling Blade. Well Hubby is convinced it’s the house. I’m not so sure. Anyway, he tried to pull into the drive and take a picture of it but I reminded him that we were smack in the middle of the Ozarks. People get shot for going onto someone else’s property out there.  And  nobody knew where we were.  I guess dying right before Jer’s funeral had lost its appeal.

So they sell homemade moonshine in mason jars out there.

Hubby decided to take me “Over the bridge” (that’s local slang for going over the bridge, into the next county to buy liquor) to get me some good bourbon. You know, to take the edge off of that whole dead brother thing. I was this close to springing for the mason jar of moonshine, but it didn’t look very sanitary. It didn’t even have a self-sealing lid with the middle that pops if the seal has been broken. These were like mayo jars. It really is a different time and place out there.

Ole Smokey Moonshine

Move over, DC and Marvel! It's the Action Bible!

My favorite thing about the Action Bible is that it wrapped up and secure so the local youth can’t sit around and read it without buying.

Frankly, I can’t believe that Hubby didn’t leave me at the hotel after seeing where I come from. What a brave and wonderful guy!

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