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camping trip

warming upWe went camping in Colorado over the weekend.  It’s so beautiful out there.  Positively breath taking, actually.  My eyes got their fill of greens over the two days, that’s for sure!  We go to the same area every year and this is the first year it hasn’t rained us out.  Apparently mid June is THE time to go.  I’ll tell you, there is nothing that will ruin a camping trip as quickly as trying to cook oatmeal in the rain.  We were actually really surprised because the weather reports showed it would be rainy all weekend.  Instead we had cool nights and warm days.  We had S’mores, roasted hot dogs, and one morning we made a huge breakfast of sausage, eggs, potatoes and coffee. [singlepic=2,320,240,,right]

[singlepic=14,320,240,,] Even in the woods I gotta have my coffee!  We did a lot of hiking.  I mean A LOT of hiking and discovered an old building that we took to be a cabin in the middle of nowhere.  There were also lots of rusted old tin cans and left over refuse.  But really really old, not like from the 60’s or 70’s.  After some quick internet research (at home) we discovered that our serene camping area was once a railroad link between Denver and Salt Lake City, so chances are pretty good that the old cabin and garbage was over 100 years old.  Pretty nifty. [singlepic=13,320,240,,] [singlepic=7,320,240,,]I have to admit, though, that one of my favorite parts of the trip was on the way home when we thought we saw my idol: Alton Brown.  As we were driving along we saw a group of guys on motorcycles, getting suited up for the rain that missed our campground and Hubby commented that they looked kinda like the Feasting on Asphalt guys.  About an hour later we pass a guy on a motorcycle who hubby was certain was good old AB himself.  So after a moment of cajoling he convinced me to turn the car around and try and catch up with the guy.  Of course being a one lane highway, we got stuck behind a local driving really slow.  At this point it’s raining pretty hard and Hubby and I are giggling like school girls at the thought of running into our hero in the middle of nowhere.  Hubby pulled out the digital camera and about 15 minutes later I pass the local yokel and catch up to the cycle.  It’s raining even harder.  Hubby is telling me to swing into the oncoming traffic lane and pull up next to him so he can wave and take a picture.  I’m concerned that this will distract Alton and he’ll crash his bike and die…But I try anyway, I pull up close, hubby waves, the guy nods…And a car comes heading right toward me so I had to speed up and cut off my heartthrob before we figure out if it’s really him or not.  Pretty anti-climatic, but what an adventure!  I’ve always had a not so secret crush on the man, but I was quite surprised to learn that hubby seems to have himself a man crush too![singlepic=12,320,240,,center] Alton Brown, if you’re out there and you were cut off by some psychotic chick in a blue compact suv, I’m SO SORRY!  Please, come over and let me cook you dinner.  Or you can cook for me.  Either way, I’m good!

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