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The Things That Matter

We have so much freaking stuff. This weekend we had a yard sale and got rid of a fair amount of stuff. That will make packing a bit easier, but there’s still so much stuff that we actually need. Or I think we need it. It’s hard for me to tell the difference between what we need and what we don’t right now.

I guess I can see why it is generally recommended not to make major decisions after a death. Grief blurs the lines between what matters and what doesn’t. As we sorted through a bunch of crap that we don’t use, I just felt like everything could go. I mean, Hubby and BB are alive and well. What else matters? My logical mind said “Okay, you’re not going to sell your cast iron. You have to feed your family. And obviously, we all need clothing, so clothes stay…” But it was really, really, really hard for me to discern what really matters and what doesn’t.

In the end, I suppose I had it right. We have clothes, we have food, we have each other. The rest is just frosting.

A whole lotta BB

My handsome hubby

my handsome hubby

Happy pets

awesome cookware


As promised…

I took BB back to the movie mall to get pictures of the food court, which we had neglected to see when we were there last weekend.  Truly, what a transformation, and the attention to details was amazing.  At stand claiming to be the “home of the 2lb tamale” there were red pepper flakes scattered around the register and trays.  There was a Baskin Robins that had an ice cream cone over turned on the counter(I assume some child will be crying over that in the movie!).  There were even Dept. of Health certificates in all the stands. 

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