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Say hello to my little friend

[singlepic=54,320,240,,right]This weekend Hubby had to climb onto the roof.  When he was done, and putting the ladder away, we found this little lady.


She was HUGE.  Probably the biggest damned spider I’ve ever seen.  Well, outside of a cheesy horror flick anyway.  It seemed she had been camped out on the under side of the ladder for quite a while because there were carcasses of other bugs and spiders all over the place.  While hubby ran to get the bug spray, I ran to get my camera and ended up with a couple of really cool pics of this web mistress.



This one is my favorite. 


I’m so grateful to the neighbor who let us borrow his ladder, but trust me when I tell you that it took all of my inner strength and courage to help hubby return it. 


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