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The rare and elusive date

So last night I went on a date.  Okay, we didn’t go get a delightfully medium rare steak at our favorite place, but I’m not complaining.  Hubby is on the board of some construction specifications group thing and last night they had their annual awards banquet, complete with dinner and one drink ticket each.   I got a chance to actually dress up, with something that DOESN’T have holes in it and put on a touch of makeup.  That happens, oh about once every 2.5 years!  So rarely does dressing up happen that a friend lent me some clothes AND makeup because I literally don’t own anything nice or a drop of makeup.  Unless…Does chap stick count as makeup??  Hubby said I looked good but I felt a little out of my element.  There were no oil splatter stains, no dried and crusty boogers, no dust, no bleach stains in my clothes.  Talk about weird.  I felt almost like an older fatter Barbie!

We both got confused about the time it started so we ended up arriving an hour early.  Awkward!   So after asscertaining that our help wasn’t needed in setting up we went across the street to a little brewery and cafe where we each sampled two types of house made beer and ordered a glass each.  I had a Stout, which was wonderful.  Hubby had something called a scotch ale, but he said it was too sweet.  After hanging out in a bar, holding hands for a bit, we went back to the banquet for dinner and the awards ceremony.  Hubby was surprised when they presented him with an award for coming in as a “newcomer” and getting involved and active right away.  The food was mostly good (the chicken was way too dry), the people were all nice (though I hate small talk party situations) and I was told that everyone thinks hubby is just the bee’s knees and that he’s highly regarded.  But the entertainment left a lot to be desired.  They had an improv sketch comedy troupe come in after dinner, and I suspect it could have been really funny stuff if they had had more interesting subject matter to work with.  But it doesn’t matter who you are or how you spin it, if you’re not actively involved, like me, NOTHING can make Construction Specifications funny.  Well, nothing other than two beer samples, a giant stout and a glass of wine, that is!

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