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As promised…

I took BB back to the movie mall to get pictures of the food court, which we had neglected to see when we were there last weekend.  Truly, what a transformation, and the attention to details was amazing.  At stand claiming to be the “home of the 2lb tamale” there were red pepper flakes scattered around the register and trays.  There was a Baskin Robins that had an ice cream cone over turned on the counter(I assume some child will be crying over that in the movie!).  There were even Dept. of Health certificates in all the stands. 


Ain’t that sumpthin?

So a movie is being filmed in our town.  That’s not such an unusual thing, since apparently this state gives great tax breaks to production companies to come and film here.  But it’s still kinda cool to drive by a place and know that at that moment someone famous could be there.  Yesterday I took BB to a mostly empty mall that is being used as a set because, well I was curious as heck and I used the excuse of “needing” to look for a new stainless steel pan that could only be found at Bed Bath and Beyond, which is one of the three (yep, count them THREE) still operating stores in that mall.  I had heard that you can walk around the mall and take a gander at the fake store fronts.  It was pretty neat to see all these closed down and empty stores packed to the gills with merchandise. I was feeling a little nervous about taking our my camera at first, but after speaking with a couple (okay, three) lonely security guards, I realized they didn’t care if I took a couple of pics.  I’d like to go back this week, when I was told there would be more going on, and take pictures of the once defunct and abandoned food court now turned thriving mall hang out.

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